The Snuggs House was built in 1852 by David Austin as a one or two room log cabin. Little is known of Austin, or the house's succeeding owners John O. Ross and Lafayette Greene. However, Lafayette Greene sold the house in 1873 to up-and-coming civic leader and lawman Isaiah Snuggs for $375.00.

At the age of 16, Isaiah "Buck" Snuggs left Stanly County to fight with the Confederate Army. Snuggs was critically wounded at the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse in May of 1864. Shot through the leg, Snuggs reportedly lay on the battlefield for more than a day before his comrades realized he was still alive. Snuggs survived his wounds, but lost his left leg below the knee.

After the War, Snuggs worked with his cousin as a saddle maker and leatherworker in Albemarle. He married Ellen Milton and settled down to raise a family. Almost immediately after purchasing the cabin from Greene, Snuggs went to work improving and expanding the structure, transforming the cabin's original core into a modern two-story home.

In time Snuggs would hold several local offices including Treasurer, Register of Deeds, and Sheriff. As sheriff, Snuggs would entertain a colorful array of politicians, community leaders, and law breakers. Snuggs’ most infamous prisoner was Alec Whitley.

Whitley was accused of theft and murder in Stanly County and also in Arkansas. Following a short manhunt through several states, he was captured by a local posse near Big Lick in 1892. Shortly after his capture and incarceration a mob of angry citizens gathered at the jail to demand Whitley be turned over to them. Snuggs had been alerted to the mob's intention and he transferred all the prisoners from the jail to his own home across the street—except Whitley, who was seized by the mob, beaten, and hanged from a tree off South Street.

Snuggs later retired from public life and lived out his days at home on Third Street. His home remained in the Snuggs family until 1974 when it donated to the County. The house is currently undergoing a restoration.



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